Have you ever just wanted to print an email that you just received to your phone? You are getting ready to walk into your meeting and you do not have time to run back to your office. You never linked your phone or printer to the network because you really do not have an IT person. What are you going to do?

No worries because it is time to “DO MORE WITH LESS” with PaperCut!

Mobility Print
This allows users to discover and print to the nearest network device available from your Mobile Device.
Cloud Print
Even if you are not connected to the network. You can easily print to the cloud and then pull your document from the cloud to the closest device.
Find Me Print
Also known as follow me print. This allows you to print to the cloud and then release the print job from any of your printers. If one printer is broken or has a long line no problem, you can walk over to another and release your job without having to resend it.

PaperCut MF is a low-cost software application that lets you take control and manage your printers, copiers, and multi-function devices. PaperCut MF proves print management can be simple and powerful all at once. It enables, tracks, and secures not just your printing, but your copying and scanning as well, giving ultimate visibility and control over your entire print environment. Big on convenience and security, PaperCut MF enables mobile printing, streamlines scanning, and reduces waste in any organization no matter your size, your printers, or the devices and operating systems your users prefer. Everything just works.

Why go through all the hassle when PaperCut has already done all the hard work for you?!? Affordable Business Systems is your LOCAL CERTIFIED PAPER CUT EXPERT. Call us today – Let us help you get this fully connected so you can DO MORE WITH LESS!