Here at Affordable Business Systems, we understand that when your network or equipment goes down, your entire business suffers. Getting you back up and running is our foremost priority.

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If you are in need of supplies for your office equipment, ABS has you covered. We are equipped with all of the parts and supplies you need to repair or re-stock your office equipment, so you can get back to work.

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Meter reads help predict upcoming maintenance and supply needs as well as the efficacy of your machine. We appreciate your assistance in assuring that your office equipment is working at peak performance.

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Affordable Business Systems is proud to offer outstanding customer service for all of your business equipment, service, and supply needs.

In our attempt to make your life a little bit easier, ABS offers automated processes wherever possible. To request service for your office equipment, to re-up your supplies, or to submit meter reads, you can simply fill out the corresponding form below. Or, if you need a quick answer to a general question, check out our FAQs.


We offer a wide range of office equipment technology that varies in terms of speed, color vs. monochrome, finishing features, recommended outputs, and more. Our priority is to find the machine(s) that works best for your unique business needs, taking your current workflows and projected growth into account. To find the machine that’s right for you, we encourage you to browse our online catalogue and to contact us for a free on-site consultation.
We are happy to tailor a lease agreement to meet your specific needs, whether you need to rent equipment for a weekend, or if you need it for the next 3 years!
One of our trained technicians will respond, on average, within four business hours.
With offices in Salisbury, Maryland and Onancock, Virginia, we service the entire Delmarva Peninsula.
Toner pirates are telemarketers who will call your office and act as representatives of Affordable Business Systems. They suggest that your office supplies will increase in cost and strongly urge you to order supplies from them that day. An outrageous bill typically ensues, oftentimes accompanying the wrong supplies for your unique equipment. The easiest way to deter a toner pirate is to ask to call them back, as they typically refuse to provide their phone number. Or, just give us a call! We are happy to help you reorder supplies at a fair price.
We are committed to helping our clients manage their color output and operating expenses. Although we always set default printing to black and white, there are a few factors that may affect your color output that are out of our control. Consider the following:

  • Check your machines’ applications, as some systems override the default print settings and automatically print in color
  • Set all defaults to grayscale
  • Run proofs first to make sure that your color is being used appropriately
  • Test and choose your browser carefully, as some are known to override color printing preferences
  • Install drivers from manufacturers’ websites and configure your default print settings to black & white when introducing new computers to your network
  • Set up user codes that only allow certain users to print in color

Click Here to access the Savin Global Knowledge Base. This will provide you with 24/7 knowledge support, so you can get back to business fast.

For additional assistance, please call (888) 727-2679 or email [email protected] We are happy to help!