Having a printer, copier, or MFP system is something that is very important in today’s business world. Buying this type of equipment is hard enough in itself. [To learn more about purchasing check out our blog on Buying online vs Buying from ABS.]

Now, let’s talk about where you are currently….

Are you aware of everything that you are being charged for by your current provider?

Maybe you are not being charged up front but when you need something you end up getting hit with an unexpected charge, this can drive even the best person crazy. We want to break down for you some items that we feel are important to make sure are communicated to our customers at Affordable Business Systems.

Maintenance Agreement:

How are you being billed? Monthly, quarterly, annually? What are your overages? Are they the same as your normal rate? More? Double?

What about your Maintenance Renewal? Do you have an annual increase? Has your company been up front with you about what that will be? (Most companies have a minimum increase of 10%)

Is Hard Drive Covered:

Simple – Is your Hard Drive crashing included in the Maintenance agreement? (This is something that can happen more than you think)

If Hard Drive crashes is setting your Scanning back up covered? (Scanning Settings is housed in your Hard Drive)

Shipping Supplies:

Is this included in your Maintenance Agreement? Do you get charged after a certain amount is used? Do you get charged for it to be shipped?


Are you getting charged per Scan?

Documentation Fee on Lease:

After you signed your lease did you receive a Documentation Fee from the Leasing Company? Or did your company take care of that worry for you?

Include Free Surge Protector:

Is your Company taking the time to make sure your investment is protected from electrical surge? Are they charging you for this or providing it at no cost?

Returning Devices:

At the end of your lease something has to happen with your system. Has your company been up front with you about what happens in this process and what you will be charged to have your system returned to the leasing company?