One of our greatest accomplishments at Affordable Business Systems has been the development of the Annual Helping Hands Food Drive. We have had the most success over the past several years collecting Mac N Cheese Boxes. Our vision is to help replenish local food pantries with some food that is being given out over the Thanksgiving holiday.

We like to get started with some friendly competition within our own ABS TEAM to see who can bring in the most boxes individually and as a team. We also encourage our friends and customers to get involved in the collection! We saw 20+ local business contributors that came through in major ways!  Our Goal in 2020 was to FILL the Hall. Above, you are able to see a spectacular before and after picture! Not only did we FILL the HALL but we collected the most boxes we have ever collected with a grand total of 3,879 boxes.

We have been overwhelmed with the gratitude and generosity of our ABS Team and Local Businesses. Please stay connected with us on Facebook and/or LinkedIn as we will be delivering these boxes to over 20 food pantries and non-profits in our local areas. We want to say thank you to all that have been involved this year! We have filled the hall and now it is time to fill the bellies of people in need all over the Delmarva Peninsula.