Our cloud solutions make it easy to realize true productivity — without additional investments in IT resources or onsite software.

Reduce manual data entry

Avoid productivity hits caused by manual processing requirements with solutions that automatically make files system-ready.

Route information where it’s needed

Our cloud solutions can connect related steps — such as additional faxes or emails — and send information directly to its destination.

Free up your staff

When you automate tedious steps and carry them out behind the scenes, staff can spend that time on other under-served projects.

Improve speed and accuracy

Automatically — and properly — prepare data so that it’s readily available, consistent and less likely to include errors or be misfiled.

Easy to start. No complex IT.

Our Cloud Workflow Solutions are secured and rigorously maintained for you, so there’s no capital expenditure or complex IT issues.

Connectors save time

Point-to-point workflows — such as scanning files into readable text and routing to the cloud — are perfect for a connector package.

With a connector package, you can:

  1.  Transmit files directly into your cloud accounts (more than 20 cloud applications supported)
  2.  Simplify mobile printing and help secure print output
  3.  Convert hard copy documents to searchable and editable digital formats
  4.  Scan-to-email with no setup or configuration

Check out this Video for more information.