Have you ever wanted to be able to turn a paper document into an electronic format that is searchable and maybe even editable?

Have you ever created an EXCEL Sheet and forgot if and where you saved it and now all you have is a paper copy? With that in mind you are now not excited about having to re-create that Excel Document.

Have you ever wished you could afford all the fancy features that come with a larger copier machine?
What if all these things were possible through a smaller footprint in your small or large business at an AFFORDABLE rate?

What is OCR?

OCR may be something that you have heard about in large firms used when scanning large documents. This is a feature that can be added to your copy machine and when running could, through Optical Character Recognition, recognize text in scanned documents. This software can then take the text from paper and convert it to an electronic version with searchable text. In a sense you could search a 100 page document for the Customer Name or certain word/phrase and it would find that specific text and take you right to it within the document.
Over the years there has been some things that have changed and have been developed to make this is different process.

Lets look at some Old Truths and some New Truths we know about OCR Software…

Old Truth #1: OCR is software that would be installed and used directly through your Copy Machine

Old Truth #2: OCR is used on large scanning projects [Law Office or Dr Office] >> Resulting in a Searchable PDF

Old Truth #3: OCR slows down the copier as it processes and converts each project.

With knowledge it may seem to be that this type of software is not needed in your current fast paced office setting. Let’s look at some New Truths …

New Truth #1: OCR is still a software that is placed on your copy machine

New Truth #2: OCR can be used to convert a single document / or large Document to Searchable PDF and now Also an Editable Microsoft Word Document or Excel Document.

New Truth #3: OCR Conversion now takes place in the CLOUD. It doesn’t take as long as it would locally on your network. Also does not slow down or take up space from your Copy Machine.

What does this mean for YOU? You can now have a small or large office machine that with OCR Software added that will make your copier system

1. More Efficient
2. Have More Application
3. Allow for Better use of Time Management
4. Allow No Need for recreation of work

Let’s Review – this best-in-class OCR allows for documents to be captured in editable format. The processor-intensive OCR task is performed in the cloud there by freeing the device from heavy lifting–a huge time saver for large documents. In addition to being able to scan hardcopy documents to searchable PDFs, the OCR feature can convert the scanned documents into editable formats as well— including Word, and Excel, which means no more having to recreate documents because the electronic original is not available.

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