Yes you read that correctly!

Improve print device performance and your productivity

You depend on your Savin systems to keep projects on schedule and communications flowing. Productivity suffers when documents can’t be printed, copied, scanned or faxed, and you spend time setting up service calls. Advanced Remote Mobile System (ARMS), which is powered by @Remote, minimizes interruptions. ARMS allows our technicians to monitor your devices remotely to pinpoint the problem in advance of a visit—and come prepared to make the necessary repairs fast and efficiently the first time.

Trust the data to clarify what needs to be done

While you’re working, our technicians are busy making sure your Ricoh systems are performing at their best. Using their mobile devices and the ARMS application, the technicians can log in anytime to review key performance data,

Resolve issues faster with pre-visit troubleshooting

Armed with performance details, the technicians look for ways to save you time. For example, firmware updates may be completed remotely, eliminating the need for an onsite visit. With advance diagnosis, the technician can identify and bring the right parts, eliminating a second visit. After site visits, technicians continue to monitor the data to make sure your devices are running smoothly.

Problems fixed fast

If an issue does occur with your MFP or LP and you need service, access to troubleshooting data through ARMS enables our service technician to diagnose and fix your system faster. Even before they arrive on-site, our service technician pinpoints the problem through ARMS—reducing time on-site and getting the repair done right the first time.