It is 2020 and who is not purchasing things on-line? When it comes to making that selection how do we do it? What are our steps to finding the right product? We are going to limit the steps to 7!

  1. Search for the product and punch in some possible features wanted by the product
  2. Compare prices across other online sites
  3. Check out specs for features desired
  4. Read Reviews on the product from past purchasers
  5. Make an educated decision based on all your information
  6. Make the purchase
  7. Use YouTube videos to help you figure out how to set up for general use. Also for use of the product for certain features you desire.

This sounds great wrapped into 7 small steps. Yet, in reality, this can be a very tedious process from start to finish. At Affordable Business Systems we take great pride in making this process as seamless as possible for you and your team. Over our 20+ years in the business we have found 3 things that stick out to us within this process. Research, Setup/Connectivity, and After Purchase Support. It sounds simple but here are the three things that separate Affordable Business Systems from online purchasing.

  1. Research

Online you are buying a picture and specs. You are also most of the time looking at a price that is calculated from the base model. At Affordable Business Systems we do this for a living. We offer you professional recommendations to suit your needs, have answers to your questions, and can help guide you through this process. ABS does a needs analysis and will configure the unit to fit your specific needs and wants, and our pricing is for a completely configured unit to handle your daily workflow. Overall, we take pride in not only assessing your situation but listening to what you want and need.

  1. Set Up / Connectivity

Now once the product has arrived it is up to you to get it working. Most products now today are most likely ready to go but may not be connected to your computers and all your mobile devices.  This can be a time-consuming project even for an expert. At Affordable Business Systems there are NO SURPRISES. We are very up front with our process. The quote we provide you not only includes the purchase of your product. It also includes the unboxing, set up, delivery, connectivity to your equipment in your office, and training of how to use the machine. You will be connected for printing, scanning, scan to email, and even mobile printing. ABS has professionals that know all the ability of the multi-function and the features to set up, again ALL THIS INCLUDED.

  1. After Purchase Support

This can become a nightmare for people. You have the great equipment it is finally all set up. Now how do you use it? Even more how do you get the value out of it that you have put into it financially? What happens when something breaks down or begins to malfunction? At Affordable Business Systems we are a phone call away; to answer questions, for additional training, set up programs, and provide any repair situation you may have. You will get a LIVE person when you call and when we visit. We like to say we have to look you in the face, before, during, and after the sale, this is true Accountability. We support and repair all products we sell. We also have 91% success rate on first visit repairs. ABS keeps parts in stock and factory trained technicians at the ready to meet all your needs.

These are just 3 big things that separate us from the online purchasing process. There are several things to consider as you are going through this process. We want you to know that we are here for you. We want to be able to bring as much VALUE as possible to you and your business as you make this important purchase. Call us today and let us partner with you and as you walk through this process. At Affordable Business Systems we believe that, “Your Business Deserves (Nothing But) THE BEST.”