At Affordable Business Systems we want to work alongside of you and your business to  

make sure, that you are able to maximize your investment. We do this by adding software at no 

additional cost to you.  Our non-intrusive monitoring solutions eliminate the need for you to  

report meter readings or to manually order toner. Also, by monitoring your entire fleet of  

devices we can make strategic suggestions to optimize your output devices. All this is  

processed and transmitted using secure communication. We have 2 types of software available  

@Remote and ABS Remote. With these we are able to provide the following benefits: 

-Analytics indicating current costs associated with printing/copying  

  • We are able to provide detailed information on the usage of your equipment.  

-Eliminate the need for manual meter readings 

  • Without user intervention automatically provide accurate usage information.  

-Notification when time to order toner 

  • We receive an email when your toner reaches a designated percentage. Allowing us to have time to ship you a new toner before you run out!  

-Identifies any opportunities available for immediate saving 

  • We are able to identify if you are under or over-utilizing your equipment.