Super Power Your Fax Communication

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit the title of this article may be a little misleading, as most faxes originate from an analog phone line. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t super power your fax communications so that you can function in the 21st century. And, yes in today’s world there are still times when you, your clients or customers rely on fax technology.

Of course, most of the devices offered by Affordable Business Systems allow you to fax right from your desktop saving you time, money and waste. The “LAN-Fax” feature makes sending faxes as simple as printing. This has been a great benefit since copiers became multi-functional devices.

However, there are more features that you can maximize with your multifunctional Affordable Business System device to get the most benefit. With our systems, you have the ability to forward faxes to your email or a folder on your computer or network automatically.

By turning your incoming and/or outgoing faxes into digital files you can super power your information and communication.

  • You can have your incoming faxes sent to an email or a group of email recipients so that you get immediate notification wherever you receive email. No more waiting by the fax machine when someone says they’ll send something right over.
  • You can have outgoing faxes archived to a folder on your computer or network so that if someone doesn’t receive it you don’t have to track down what you sent.
  • You can also have incoming faxes archived to a folder so that you can store them and retrieve them if necessary.

Your office doesn’t need to be paperless to realize the benefits of maximizing your information in electronic form.

For more knowledge on how to maximize your information please contact an Affordable Business System Account Executive in your area today by calling 1-888-727-2679.