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Utilize Monochrome Printing to Save Your Office Some Green

Businesses are always in search of ways to save money and increase their bottom line. This is particularly important with smaller organizations that simply don’t have the same budgets as their larger competitors. Small- to midsized businesses must work within the constraints of lower overheads, often making financial sacrifices for the sake of their survival. [...]

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Scan Your Way to a Paperless Office

The paperless offices of today make for efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly work environments. Most importantly, a paperless office cuts down on costs. The benefits of this approach to business are too good to pass up, no matter what type or size of company. A scanning solution designed specifically for your unique operation will make [...]

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The Benefits of Color Printing for Business

When it comes to your business's print media, there is no better option than color printing. Color print is an increasingly popular marketing initiative amongst companies today. Finding a way to enhance the look of your documents is more important than ever in such hyper-competitive business environments. Whether you realize it or not, the message [...]

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Why Wide-format Printers Continue to Grow in Popularity

Wide-format printers have exploded in popularity over the last few years. As the technology has improved, equipment costs have dropped and quality has peaked. Not only are the printers themselves less expensive than previously, but the price-per-page of printing with them is also down. These are obvious incentives to own a wide-format printer instead of [...]

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Update Your Office Hardware to Improve Productivity

Technology will never stop evolving. Every week it seems as if there is some new device, software, gadget, application, or gizmo available that proves to make your life 10-times easier. It’s no different with office technology. When it comes to office equipment, having the latest tools and solutions is essential to making your company and [...]

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When Do Office Equipment Leases Make Sense?

Office equipment is ubiquitous almost anywhere business is being done. It’s hard to imagine a company without a copier, printer, or multifunction printer in its workplace. Even more than 40 years after the prediction of the ‘paperless’ office, this technology continues to play an essential role for businesses around the globe. When it comes to [...]

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Why Your Business Should Partner with a Local Solutions Partner

When considering whether to partner with your local office equipment dealer or a big national manufacturer, it can be difficult to decide between these seemingly opposite choices. The fierce competition that conglomerates pose against a local business can be daunting, making business owners question the viability of a small business and whether or not to [...]

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How to Save BIG with Managed Print Services

Distributed across various departments and budget lines, printing expenses can easily eat up as much as 7 percent of a company’s revenues. Fortunately, by implementing a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution, your business can save as much as 30 percent on your print costs. How are savings like that possible? We’re glad you asked. ● [...]

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Leasing vs. Buying: What’s Best for Your Business?

The process of acquiring new office equipment can leave any business owner perplexed: should you lease or buy? There’s no single right answer to this common conundrum—it depends on your company’s technology and financial needs. Luckily, we’ve set up this convenient guide to help with your next imaging technology decision. Read on to learn some [...]

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Boost Flexibility and Functionality with Mobile Printing Solutions

In the US today, the number of workers on the go is rising, as is the usage of mobile devices. Whether through corporate plans or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approaches, employees are looking to leverage powerful smartphones and tablets to provide on-demand service and get on-demand access to information. If you’re looking to improve [...]

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