#1 Affordable will never call you our customer to ask if you want to order toner.  You call the phone # on the front of your machine.  This will ensure you are in charge of your toner supply and that you are speaking with the company you Trust and rely Affordable Business Systems.


#2 Affordable will never call you to ask you for your company’s machine info.  This is how Toner Pirates are able to mislead you our customers. They are slick, they call start with a vague call and ask about toner on the 1st call, and if someone says, “we use Affordable Business Systems”,  they got a little piece of info from your employee, that they use on the next call.  They call in say a week, and represent themselves as Affordable and tell you about all the great toner specials they have.—Don’t be victim to giving away tiny pieces of info that they can use against you.


#3 Toner Pirates will not want to give you a call back #.  Train your staff to listen to the caller and ask if they can call him/her back.  This will give major push back!  Affordable would always encourage you to call us back, the phone # is on your machine.