At Affordable Business Systems we have come across many businesses adding a COVID Budget to their financial forecasts. What are you and your team doing within your business? Are you allotting some of your budget to cover extra cost for COVID type materials? Are you finding that you are having to purchase expensive signage that you are required to post for safety? Well it is time to worry less because we are excited about our partnership with Canon and what they have put together for this season we all find ourselves in.  

The Canon imagePROGRAF TM-Series comes included with POSTER creating software. This is software that is installed on your computer when we install your machine. What is even more exciting is that the software is now preloaded with COVID templates. You have the opportunity to just print the templates or you can even add your logo and customize to make it more personable to your own business. Your Canon imagePROGRAF TM-Series will allow you to print on Peel N Stick paper. Not only will your prints look good, but you also be able to attach them to any surface with easy from windows to brick walls. 

We have put a package together that includes everything that you will need to get started creating and printing your own signage in house and at a much lower cost to you and your business’s bottom line!  

Packages starting as low as $61.00 a month.  

“We Believe That Your Business Deserves The Best” – Call us today to see how you can partner with Affordable and decrease that new COVID-19 Budget you have put together!