Who are the Toner Pirates

You ask, who are the toner pirates? Toner pirates are telemarketers who will call your office. They will act as representatives of Affordable Business Systems. They suggest that your office supplies will increase in cost and strongly urge you to order supplies from them that day. An outrageous bill typically ensues, oftentimes accompanying the wrong supplies for your unique equipment.


Detecting a Toner Pirate

If you think you have received a suspicious call, it’s easy to “scare off” these toner pirates. The easiest way to deter a toner pirate is to ask to call them back, as they typically refuse to provide their phone number. Or, just give us a call! We are happy to help you reorder supplies at a fair price.


Connect with Us

Over the past twenty years in business, many things have changed. But, one thing that has remained the same is Affordable Business Systems commitment to our customers by providing the lowest prices and exceptional service. In our attempt to make your life a little bit easier, Affordable Business Systems offers automated processes wherever possible.


Re-up Your Supplies

To request service for your office equipment, to re-up your supplies, please contact us anytime by calling up toll free at 1-888-727-2679. Affordable Business Systems has specialized in helping businesses on the Delmarva Peninsula become more efficient. As a locally owned and operated business, we provide the best in quality office equipment and supplies that maintain them. Affordable Business Systems is proud to offer outstanding customer service for all of your business equipment, service, and supply needs.