Modern offices are increasingly evolving from old fashioned environments to digital workplaces. The impressively innovative technologies available to us currently make it easier than ever for businesses to save money while operating more efficiently. The use of today’s most advanced technology is especially helpful to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), entities that typically don’t have the capital or manpower to keep up with larger competitors. However, even with all this technology being taken advantage of by companies, there’s still one area of the workplace that tends to get stuck in the past: printing.

Overlooked printing fleets can be extremely costly. Paper, ink or toner, and maintenance costs can add up quickly, even for a ‘mom and pop’ business. Thankfully, by outsourcing the management of your print environment through Managed Print Services (MPS), you can get your costs under control, while experiencing no shortage of other benefits. Let’s take a look at how streamlining your printing efforts with MPS can go a long way for your bottom line.

Cutting costs is just the start
The best MPS providers will find ways to lower printing costs immediately—often times by up to 30 percent. How? For starters, an MPS provider will monitor your printing fleet in real-time. That means if there’s an issue, they will catch it before it becomes a full-blown problem that takes up excessive amounts of time and money. They will also monitor your printing trends to help forecast your needs, meaning no more running out of toner in the middle of an important print job.

MPS allows your employees to stay focused on their essential job responsibilities. There’s no need to have one of your employees run around from printer to printer all day long. Instead, they can stay focused on adding value to your business while your MPS provider keeps your printers up and running.

More than just cost savings
Sure, the cost savings are important to your organization, but once your printing efforts are streamlined, your workflows will be drastically improved. An MPS provider will optimize your printing fleet so that it operates in the most efficient manner, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Managed Print Services can make a world of difference when it comes to how an office’s print fleet functions on a daily basis. Streamlining these efforts will minimize headaches and significantly impact your bottom line. Contact Affordable Business Systems to learn more about our MPS solution and what it can mean to your unique workplace.