Office equipment is ubiquitous almost anywhere business is being done. It’s hard to imagine a company without a copier, printer, or multifunction printer in its workplace. Even more than 40 years after the prediction of the ‘paperless’ office, this technology continues to play an essential role for businesses around the globe.

When it comes to acquiring office equipment, companies have two options to choose from: leasing or buying. Both have their pros and cons, and the right choice for an individual business depends on a number of factors. In this blog post we’ll focus on whether or not leasing your office equipment makes more sense for your organization.

When is leasing office technology in your company’s best interest?

When your finances are tight – If your business has a budget surplus burning a hole in its pocket, purchasing equipment makes sense. However, many companies aren’t in a position to make such a large financial investment up front. Leasing equipment offers you the ability to spread the costs out over the course of the lease for a reasonable monthly payment. Most office equipment leases don’t require a huge cash outlay at the start of the contract.

When you want predictable payments – Another financial benefit of leasing your office equipment is a predictable monthly payment. Many businesses find that the stability and predictability provided by leasing devices gives them peace of mind, along with manageable payments.

When you always want the latest, greatest technology – Worried about being stuck with technology that will be outdated and obsolete in a few years? This is not a concern when leasing your office equipment. A lease provides you with the flexibility to upgrade your device to the most up-to-date, cutting edge technology on the market. As your company grows and evolves, your equipment can keep pace and meet your changing demands.

When you want to eliminate maintenance hassles – Would you prefer your employees do their jobs instead of handling repairs and performing software updates? An office equipment lease often means your office technology provider will be responsible for any service, repairs, or upgrades, as well as preventative maintenance to help keep your devices up and running. They can also keep your workflow moving forward with automatic restocking of consumables.

If you meet any of these four criteria, leasing office technology is likely the right option for your company. Contact Affordable Business Systems today to learn more about our cost-effective office equipment leases.