When it comes to your business’s print media, there is no better option than color printing. Color print is an increasingly popular marketing initiative amongst companies today. Finding a way to enhance the look of your documents is more important than ever in such hyper-competitive business environments. Whether you realize it or not, the message you deliver inside and outside of your office is a driving force behind your organization’s success. Whether it’s an in-house meeting amongst your sales people, or a presentation with potential clients, color printing has benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Color grabs your attention
Color adds vibrancy to your documents. It gives your message that extra “pop” that will increase customer comprehension, motivation, and retention. Color materials offer your audience a memorable message that will aid your brand recognition in a way that black and white materials cannot. Research shows that customer action significantly improves when documents are printed in color. Specifically, using color on your call-to-action and phone number has been proven to dramatically increase customer response rates.

Color is affordable
Many businesses look at color printing as an expensive option only to be used on special occasions. However, with today’s technology, this should no longer be the case. The vast improvements in digital inkjet technology provide cost-friendly printing opportunities without a decrease in quality. New machines offer affordable options for small-to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). An in-house color printer gives you control over your projects, improving your flexibility. This will allow you to produce excellent color print results when and how you need them; you no longer need to outsource your print projects anymore. In-house production will allow you to regulate the costs and quality associated with your office print strategy.

Stand out with color
Use color to control your message. Strategically highlight the most important parts of your message. Incorporate colors that work well together in a way that grabs your audience at a single glance. The right use of color in your message will make a difference every step of the way in your marketing approach.

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