Printing devices for your office can be a big investment, but there comes a time in the life of every printer to acknowledge that refreshing your lineup can bring substantial returns to your business.

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms below? If so, it may be time to update your print fleet.

●     Declining print quality. Smudges, blots, skipped pages and hard-to-read text are sloppy and unprofessional. If your printer’s output isn’t good enough to be sent to your best client, it’s time to move on.

●     Compromised speed. Can you go on an extended lunch break while waiting for a simple document to print? Glacial printing speeds slow your business down at individual and corporate levels. Can your printer keep up the pace you need? If not, it’s time to switch to a device with faster output.

●     Frequent paper jams. Poor paper handling—from creases to jams—can really cramp your style and your professional image. This kind of performance wastes print resources like ink and paper and human resources when you factor in the time it takes to wrestle the wayward paper from your machine.

●     Excessive downtime. If your printers seem to spend as much time waiting to be repaired as they do actually functioning, replacement may be your best bet to get your printing back on track. As with all machines—from cars to computers—printers will eventually putter out and require frequent maintenance. But there comes a point when it makes more sense to replace an aging device than repair it.

●     Unreasonable repair budget. Are your repair costs skyrocketing? Eventually, you may reach a time in your printer’s life cycle in which repeatedly repairing critical elements is more expensive than moving to a healthy, new model. Instead of shelling out more money for yet another service call, invest that money in a new device that will contribute to the success of your business.

●     Limited compatibility. More than ever, printers need to be able to communicate with all of the devices in your technology fleet. Older models simply don’t have the capability to print from phones, tablets, wireless connections, and the cloud.

●     Inadequate functionality. Sometimes, it’s time to move on because your needs have changed. If you’re increasing or changing in-house production, new printing equipment may be in order. Do you need duplexing? Color printing? Finishing options like stapling and folding? Or, maybe it’s time to eliminate redundant machines in favor of multifunction devices. Don’t be afraid to tell your print equipment, “It’s not you… it’s me.”

If any of these symptoms are occurring in your office, it may be time to refresh your printing equipment. Call Affordable Business Systems to discuss which printing solutions might be right for your needs.