Wide-format printers have exploded in popularity over the last few years. As the technology has improved, equipment costs have dropped and quality has peaked. Not only are the printers themselves less expensive than previously, but the price-per-page of printing with them is also down. These are obvious incentives to own a wide-format printer instead of running to the print shop to access one, but it’s still easy for many businesses to justify the status quo. Until you stop and take a moment to consider it, you may not realize just how frequently wide-format printers can fill a need.

Small Business
There is virtually no end to the benefits of having a wide-format printer in a small business. The key perks are that it will save your organization both time and money. Having access to a wide-format printer opens up advertising avenues that are otherwise unavailable to most small companies. Large banners and the like can be custom designed for far less money in house than if outsourced, and they can be quickly and easily updated as needed. Many businesses also frequently find large prints to be necessary. From posters to schematics, there are virtually no industries that function without requiring at least some level of wide-format printing.

At Home
While many homes may never need a personal blueprint, there are still countless uses for wide-format printers at home. For the kids, the printer will most often see school-related use. It’s great for a number of projects, but it is probably more important as a tool for advertising and decorating. School clubs and fundraisers often need large-scale advertising pieces to succeed. Your events also gain a boost from a big beautiful banner.

These ideas extend far beyond school. Social activities also benefit from the power of a large graphic design. Parties, weekly activities, fraternal sports, and church events are only the beginning of a long list of groups and events that will require the use of a wide-format printer. Anything that brings people together needs to grab attention, and in many cases that boils down to simply making a bigger, more visible statement. Wide-format printers make it possible with an immeasurable addition to creativity and quality.

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