Distributed across various departments and budget lines, printing expenses can easily eat up as much as 7 percent of a company’s revenues. Fortunately, by implementing a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution, your business can save as much as 30 percent on your print costs. How are savings like that possible? We’re glad you asked.

Know the Numbers — Getting a handle on your baseline printing costs and current print usage is a critical first step in saving money with MPS. This initial assessment—a standard part of an MPS solution—can be an eye-opening experience for companies that don’t normally track their print expenses closely.
Analyze Workflows — Your MPS partner will work with you to gain a good understanding of your current environment. Processes, device inventory, usage patterns, and other details about your current print workflows will help your partner identify cost-saving solutions for your company.
Eliminate Unnecessary Printing — With MPS-enabled pull printing, you’ll put an end to the practice of having wasteful print jobs abandoned at the machine; instead, each job will only print once its owner is physically at the device. Electronic document management can also help you cut back on wasteful printing.
Optimize Fleet — Based on your workflows, print needs, and resources, your MPS partner will optimize your printer fleet to maximize efficiency. This means eliminating wasteful or redundant devices, moving shared printers to optimal locations, and bringing new equipment on board if needed.
Strategic Printing Policies — MPS enables you to get printing costs under control by putting in place print policies that make the most sense for your bottom line. Two-sided printing, 2-up printing, toner saving mode, and greyscale printing can all be designated as company-wide defaults to help reduce your print expenses.
Automate Ordering & Maintenance — With remote monitoring and automated ordering, supplies are always ready when you need them. You’ll eliminate the cost of last-minute trips to purchase toner or expedited shipping.
Free up IT Staff — Troubleshooting and basic printer maintenance are handled by your MPS partner, leaving your information technology team free to work on value-adding initiatives like customized apps.
Evaluate & Adapt — With MPS, regular monitoring of and reporting on your print fleet will provide the statistics you need about usage, user quotas, departmental volumes, and more. With this data available, you can adjust and optimize your policies when necessary.

Printing is frequently a hidden cost that can easily spiral out of control for businesses. Consider moving to Managed Print Services and start saving on your print expenses today. Call Affordable Business Systems today to learn about our MPS offerings.