Businesses are always in search of ways to save money and increase their bottom line. This is particularly important with smaller organizations that simply don’t have the same budgets as their larger competitors. Small- to midsized businesses must work within the constraints of lower overheads, often making financial sacrifices for the sake of their survival. One area in which companies can effortlessly cut costs without sacrificing productivity or efficiency is by utilizing monochrome (black and white) printing. In this blog post we’ll address how eschewing color printing for black and white printing can help your businesses save some green.

Benefits of monochrome printing
A monochrome printer will print using only black ink or toner, and this type of printing is much more cost-friendly in comparison to color printing options. The cost-per-page printed with a monochrome printer is considerably cheaper compared to that of its color counterparts. When you print hundreds or even thousands of pages a day, those decreases in cost can quickly add up to significant savings.

Monochrome printers also print faster than color devices, with many of them capable of astonishing output speeds. For example, the Ricoh MP9003 prints up to an incredible 90 pages-per-minute! Along with this increased speed, monochrome printers tend to have less maintenance and service issues than color devices. This benefit carries a lot of weight for those in search of a highly reliable yet low-maintenance printer that can carry out your everyday printing needs without the headaches and repair costs associated with occasional breakdowns.

When can you utilize monochrome printing?
Monochrome printers are designed to handle high-usage demands. Due to their high output speeds, black and white printers are excellent for those high-volume print projects. They are also great for all those daily print jobs that don’t require color, such as drafts, invoices, bills, letters, memos, and receipts.

The many benefits of monochrome printing make it a great option for any business. Its cost-saving features make the black and white printer an especially valuable device for smaller companies without the luxury of massive budgets. For more information on monochrome printing and how it could benefit your business, contact Affordable Business Systems today.