Color printing may seem like a necessity when creating documents in the office, but monochrome printing has its own unique strengths in the business environment. Read on to learn when black-and-white printing is best suited for your business documents.

With Text-Heavy Content — Without wasting toner, monochrome laser printing will give you text that is sharp and readable, even when utilizing very small font sizes.
For Technical Documents and Illustrations — When clarity and simplicity matter, sometimes color can get in the way. Diagrams, instructions, and technical illustrations tend to prioritize content over color—making them great choices for black-and-white printing.
When Color is Superfluous — In other cases, color just isn’t required. If newspaper-quality results can effectively communicate or archive an image, print in grayscale instead of full color.

When You Need Flexibility — From high-quality documents to standard forms used on a daily basis, monochrome printing can give you a wide range of results. Various paper options can dramatically affect your output, from matte cardstock to glossy poster paper.
For Long-Lasting Clarity — Black toner holds up better than color to ultraviolet light. For documents that need to last longer on display, consider using monochrome.

When Speed is Important — Monochrome laser printers excel at speedy single- or double-sided documents, unlike time-consuming color and slower-drying InkJet printers. Workhorse monochrome printers can produce more than 60 pages per minute in black-and-white.
When Budgets are Tight — Black toner and ink are cheaper than their color counterparts, and less material is used for each printout. The average cost for black-and-white printing is $0.05 to $0.08 per page, versus $0.12 to $0.15 per page for color.
For Large Volumes — With its combination of high speeds and low costs, monochrome printing is ideal for long documents or large volumes. If a bit more impact is needed, print the cover in stunning color and use efficient monochrome for the content within.
When Sustainability Matters — Monochrome printing uses less toner than color, resulting in fewer used cartridges and less waste, fewer raw materials used, and lower energy demands.

Like every tool in your toolbox, monochrome printing can be a powerful asset under the right circumstances. To get the best black and white print results, contact Affordable Business Systems today!