Today’s multifunction printers may operate more quickly and quietly than ever, but don’t let their subtle efficiency fool you—what seems like an unassuming copier or printer with a scanner attached actually holds authoritative processing power and software. Leveraging the power of your MFP, you can optimize your document workflows, freeing up precious employee time and mental power. In this blog post we’ll discuss a few of the tools you should be using to maximize your MFP’s efficiency.

Scan to Disk — Nothing is more destructive to efficiency and flow than interruptions for minor clerical tasks, such as finding, renaming, and filing newly-scanned documents. Your MFP’s scan-to-disk feature streamlines your processes by enabling you to scan documents directly to the appropriate folder on your network hard drive, or even to your content management system!

Scan to Email — Another valuable feature for maximizing the efficiency of your document workflows is your MFP’s scan-to-email capability. Simply select your intended recipient from the machine’s control panel and email the scanned document to them instantly, without having to return to your desk or utilize your email platform.

Paper Handling — A great deal of time can be wasted handling your paper documents, from folding brochures to addressing envelopes. Fortunately, many MFPs have built-in paper handling features that eliminate these mundane, time-consuming tasks from your processes. Consider your MFP’s automatic document feeder, which can assist you with folding, addressing envelopes, and even stuffing envelopes. When utilized to its fullest potential, your MFP is like another pair of hands to speed up your document workflows.

OCR — With optical character recognition (OCR) software, your MFP is able to instantly “read” the documents you scan, extracting content and providing searchable metadata. The software can check certain fields and route documents to your electronic document management system based on their contents, for example, linking invoices to the client’s account.

Streamlined Processes — Even the location of the MFP in your office can contribute to workflow efficiency. Position your MFP for easy access near frequent users, and, if needed, install specialized applications for each department using the printer.

Your MFP is a workplace powerhouse, with the capacity to go beyond printing and scanning to automate workflows and make data capture faster and more comprehensive. Call Affordable Business Systems today to get maximum value from your MFP.