In the US today, the number of workers on the go is rising, as is the usage of mobile devices. Whether through corporate plans or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approaches, employees are looking to leverage powerful smartphones and tablets to provide on-demand service and get on-demand access to information. If you’re looking to improve your business’ mobile functionality, it may be time to consider mobile printing technology.

The hallmark of mobile printing is flexibility. A mobile printer takes up less space than a standard printer, is designed to travel conveniently, and doesn’t require a full-sized computer. Users can print from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even standalone devices with built-in print functionality. This flexibility makes mobile workers more nimble and effective. Checking in attendees at an event? Use mobile printing to print up a name tag on-site. Need a copy of a document right now? No problem, just print it from your phone’s email application.

Mobile printing makes it quick and easy to attend to customer needs. Users rate the top benefits of mobile printing as speed of reviewing documents, customer satisfaction, number of transactions processed, and the number of new customers gained. Filling out forms in difficult-to-read handwriting is no longer necessary when you can quickly enter data and print a full invoice or delivery receipt.

Mobile printing also streamlines workflows, improving productivity and accuracy. Working directly with digital systems at the point of sale or service saves time and eliminates the redundancy of entering data later. Mobile printing also eliminates wasteful back-and-forth communications. Instead of returning to the office to find, print, address, and mail a document, just hit print from wherever you are. There’s no need to delay or seek out the nearest office supply store for a copy run.

The applications for mobile printing are diverse and nearly limitless. Hospitals, labs, and veterinary offices can print sample labels as they’re needed, protecting privacy and preventing mislabeling. Warehouses can generate RFID and shipping labels, and many mobile printers also feature credit card readers to make transactions simple. Need a copy of a document during a business lunch? Capture the image with your smartphone and print it there and then.

Mobile printing is faster, more reliable, and higher-quality than ever. If you’re ready to bring flexibility and function to your on-the-go employees, contact Affordable Business Systems today.