Affordable Business Systems is proud to partner with leading water systems manufacturer, Wellsys USA, to provide Delmarva businesses with a full line of state-of-the-art water coolers, ice dispensers, and water filtration systems. Affordable Business Systems aligns your company with the perfect device to fit your workspace, budget, and needs to provide you with healthy, pure water and ice.

Each Wellsys water purification system is designed with LG technology and boasts a nine-stage purification process to ensure your office has the best possible water on the market at an affordable price point. This innovative technology not only safeguards your team by eliminating contaminates through reverse osmosis, but also boosts their hydration by adding nutrients to the end product.

You’ll realize increased productivity and happier employees when providing them with pure, healthy, better-tasting water. Moreover, Wellsys’ innovative technology is coupled with a compact design to ensure your water purification system or ice machine has a small footprint, fitting in any-sized office space.

From their advanced sanitation processes to their small office footprint, your office will reap the benefits of a Wellsys water cooler, ice dispenser, or water filtration system. Contact Affordable Business Systems today to get started!


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  • Boost Sustainability

How many plastic bottles make their way in and out of your office each day? This plastic garbage is a threat to our environment, building serious repercussions over time. For companies seeking affordable, simple options to enhance their corporate sustainability efforts, a bottleless water cooler is a fantastic option. These devices reduce the number of plastic bottles used by your staff, minimizing the impact your office has on the environment. Wellsys’ energy-efficient models double your sustainability efforts by reducing energy usage and help boost your sustainability efforts.    

  • Improve Health

Providing water to your team, visitors, and vendors is a basic, expected amenity in Delmarva office environments. But having an option that includes advanced filtration options ensures a hydrated, happy staff. Wellsys’ revolutionary design ensures PH levels are balanced by adding alkalinity and provides an electrolyte boost to improve the hydration and overall health of your team. This pure, better-tasting water encourages your staff to drink more water, which, in turn, will enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and improve the overall health of your team.

  • Cut Costs

Consider how much you spend on bottled water for your team, vendors, and customers. Water jugs and maintenance or repair of your office’s outdated water cooler is equally—if not more—expensive. Wellsys’ bottleless design ensures jugs are not required, drawing water from your main line and negating the need for ongoing costs. Additionally, their energy-saving design reduces overhead. Having a state-of-the-art, updated water cooler, ice dispenser, or water filtration system in your workspace will cost you considerably less over time.


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