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American Bar Association – Group Purchasing Organization

From our advanced workflow solutions, to our consulting expertise and litigation support services — Savin makes information work for you. We have broad expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information and deliver a wide portfolio of services and technologies to legal professionals. By providing you with the ability to collaborate anytime, anywhere with real-time exchanges [...]

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Print Big, Print Easy, Print Now – Canon TM Series

We are excited to announce the Launch of our New Canon Large Format Product Line. These are going to be sold in 2 different series TM and TX. The TM series media size are 24"and 36". TX Series media sizes are 36" and 44". All these new systems can be purchased as a Plotter [Printer [...]

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Integrated Cloud Environment

The Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) gives you more productivity from your ICE-enabled Savin device without costly or complicated software. Save time by scanning directly to email or to more than 20 popular cloud apps — including Google Drive, Dropbox, Excel, Office 365,  and more.   Eliminate the need to re-type paper documents by using Optical [...]

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U.S. Communities

Affordable Business Systems makes a strong partnerships that have powerful results, one of the most popular is our partnership with U.S. Communities. According to the National Center for Charitable Statics, more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations are registered in the United States. In turn, this is over $258.51 billion of an exchange that individuals are [...]

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Sink the Toner Pirates

Who are the Toner Pirates You ask, who are the toner pirates? Toner pirates are telemarketers who will call your office. They will act as representatives of Affordable Business Systems. They suggest that your office supplies will increase in cost and strongly urge you to order supplies from them that day. An outrageous bill typically [...]

Streamline Printing with Managed Print Services

Modern offices are increasingly evolving from old fashioned environments to digital workplaces. The impressively innovative technologies available to us currently make it easier than ever for businesses to save money while operating more efficiently. The use of today’s most advanced technology is especially helpful to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), entities that typically don’t have [...]

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Is Renting Office Equipment Right for You?

There comes a time when every business needs to re-evaluate their office equipment. When doing so, it helps to put together a checklist of considerations for you to go through to determine whether each piece of office technology still brings value to your business. You need to consider things such as durability, speed, efficiency, and [...]

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Automate Business Workflows for Maximum Efficiency

The workflows that make up a business directly impact the efficiency of operations. Employees will only function as efficiently as their organization’s workflows will allow them to do so. This is where automated business workflows come into play. Embracing automation within your processes will cut costs, save time, streamline communication efforts, enforce accountability, and allow [...]

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Utilize Monochrome Printing to Save Your Office Some Green

Businesses are always in search of ways to save money and increase their bottom line. This is particularly important with smaller organizations that simply don’t have the same budgets as their larger competitors. Small- to midsized businesses must work within the constraints of lower overheads, often making financial sacrifices for the sake of their survival. [...]

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Scan Your Way to a Paperless Office

The paperless offices of today make for efficient, productive, and environmentally friendly work environments. Most importantly, a paperless office cuts down on costs. The benefits of this approach to business are too good to pass up, no matter what type or size of company. A scanning solution designed specifically for your unique operation will make [...]

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