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Maximize Document Workflows by Harnessing the Power of Your MFP

Today’s multifunction printers may operate more quickly and quietly than ever, but don’t let their subtle efficiency fool you—what seems like an unassuming copier or printer with a scanner attached actually holds authoritative processing power and software. Leveraging the power of your MFP, you can optimize your document workflows, freeing up precious employee time and [...]

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How Document Scanning Can Benefit Your Business

Quality document scanners and digital storage space are more affordable than ever, and this accessibility has opened new doors for companies of all sizes when it comes to managing business data. If document scanning isn’t yet part of your business planning, you’re missing out. Read on to see how document scanning can benefit your business. [...]

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Maximizing Monochrome: When Black & White Printing Works

Color printing may seem like a necessity when creating documents in the office, but monochrome printing has its own unique strengths in the business environment. Read on to learn when black-and-white printing is best suited for your business documents. Content ● With Text-Heavy Content — Without wasting toner, monochrome laser printing will give you text [...]

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Taking the Leap: When to bring Wide-format Printing In-house

Even if your internal print systems are top-notch, it’s likely you’re still outsourcing the printing of large signs and displays. No wonder, because wide-format printing is a bit of a black box— big machines, strange setups, complicated inks, right? Not anymore. Today’s wide-format printers aren’t much more difficult to use than your desktop printer, and [...]

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Backfile Conversion: The Solution to Stop the Paper Pile-up

Over the past several years, digital storage has gone through some remarkable changes. More than ever, huge volumes of data can be stored and accessed quickly and easily. In this post, we introduce you to your next step in data management—backfile conversion. Backfile conversion is the conversion of hardcopy files to digital on a large [...]

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